Tax authorities, regulators and other stakeholders need to be satisfied by adopting right internal control and strong financial reporting processes. Tax authorities are concerned with the proper compliance and at the same time it is among the most crucial concern for an organization.

SAR Associates has wide range of experience in providing tax services in Nepal. The knowledge of experts is combined with the understanding of the business acumen of the client.

We guide our client through all the legal basis of tax planning and issues which may arise in the process. As we have well business and industry knowledge, we assist with all the aspects of your international or national taxation needs to help your company excel globally. We aspire to add value by minimizing the difference between business advisors and legal counsel and to assist you with comprehensive business solutions to your business problems.

Here are our tax and regulatory services:
  • International tax
  • Indirect taxes
  • Direct taxes
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Tax reporting and Strategy
  • Tax administration and policy
  • Tax compliance outsourcing
  • Legal support

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