If you intend to focus on core business functions without having to be bothered about accounting, tax laws and other regulatory compliance, we are there for you.

We provide a full range of payroll, accounting, taxation and other compliance services at reasonable cost to small/mid-sized organization not willing to hire permanent work force for support functions.


We have good pool of qualified accounting professionals to provide effective and efficient book-keeping of different companies/firms operating in any sector whether new or established and local or foreign.

Payroll Processing

We have dedicated team of professionals to help you to ensure that your payroll is processed correctly, withholding tax is correctly computed and timely deposited and all calculations including accrued retirement payments, leave encashment and provident fund is correct.

Tax and Regulatory Compliances

We can be trusted with the responsibility to ensure compliance of local tax and other applicable laws, if you are not sure as to whether your firm/company is duly complying local tax law and other applicable laws. We have team of experts available for you to provide specialized advice on wide range of taxation and regulatory compliance issues.

We can support you, if you want to start business in Nepal or you have established business.

Our services includes; Corporate Tax Planning, Tax Advisory Service, Filing various tax returns, support in business start-up etc.

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