Audit is not only important to fulfill the obligation of statutory requirements of an organization but it is also important to the users of financial information such as shareholders, investors, lenders and other stakeholders. The financial audits give assurance to these users of information.

Our audit and assurance team comprises of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals. With expertise in providing various audit and assurance services, SAR helps you to address and understand the most crucial financial and reporting issues in today’s world. A highly valued audits directly benefit businesses by maintaining shareholder’s confidence, making significant difference in organization’s operation, internal control and risk management while encouraging financial transparency. We work closely with clients of all arena from private companies to public companies. We understand the business and risks and then we give attention to the area where our efforts matter the most.

Here are our audit and assurances services:

  • Financial statement audit
  • Agreed upon procedure
  • Expenditure verification
  • Risk based internal audit
  • IT system audit
  • IT risk assurance
  • Business risk assurance
  • IFRS assurance

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